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Men's Snowmobile Gloves & Mitts

When you're on the trail, your extremities will often be the first indication of poor quality gear. Not having the right gloves or mitts on your hands can end rides too quickly, leaving you disappointed or frustrated. Ski-doo is proud to offer an array of gloves and mitts that meet the specifications for your backcountry excursions. Find the snowmobile gloves that's right for you, and keep yourself on the trail in comfort.

What are the dangers of not having proper gloves or mitts?

The biggest threat for any snowmobile enthusiast is exposure and frostbite. Not having the proper gear increases your chances of getting injured. Exposed skin in cold weather conditions with strong winds is the most common scenario for riders. It can still occur even if you're wearing multiple layers, which is why using gloves and mitts designed specifically for snowmobiling is paramount. Ski-Doo offers both snowmobile gloves and mitts up to the task of keeping you warm, protected, and comfortable on the trail.

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