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Men's Snowmobile Bibs & Pants

For long rides on the trail, you'll need all the appropriate gear to sustain the snow and the cold weather, which is why you should get yourself snowmobile pants that are have both weatherproofing and versatile features. What you're looking for with snowmobile highpants is the ability to adapt to any conditon that you might encouter during a snowmobile ride. Choosing a pair of pants to go along with the rest of your snowmobile gear will give you the comfort you need to brave the wild.

Why should I pick up snowmobile highpants instead of regular ski pants?

The materials used to make snowmobile pants were picked out to make them windproof and waterproof while also making sure it stays a highly breathable membrane. They’re fully-insulated for extremely cold conditions, adjustable and padded. There’s no compromise when it comes to snowmobile pants.