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Oils & Oil Change Kits

Keep your engine and performance at peak efficiency with our selection of snowmobile oils. Ski-Doo offers a variety of synthetic and synthetic blend oils to keep your sled running at the level you expect it to. Being on top of your rig maintenance will give you less worries when you're on your next trail ride.

How often do I need to replace the oil in my snowmobile?

Follow the owner's manual for your snowmobile for information on how often you should change your oil. It's highly recommended to make sure your oil matches the operating conditions of your vehicle. Routine oil changes will help keep your engine lasting longer and performing better through each season. Remember to also check your other lubricants, such as brake fluid and suspension grease, during every oil change, and make sure they are up to the recommended levels. Failure to maintain these can lead to trouble during your next ride.