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Suspension Kits & FOX Shocks

Take your sled to the next level thanks to our line of high-performance snowmobile Fox shocks and suspension parts. Easily replace or repair your suspension by choosing parts and accessories specially engineered for your superior Ski-Doo sled. High-flow velocity-sensitive damping. Fully rebuildable and revalveable.

Can I adjust my suspension to improve my ride?

Whether you choose to zoom up and down snowy hills, or just take a lazy Sunday cruise around the backcountry, the difference between being completely gassed at the end of the day or full of life can often come down to the way your suspension is set-up. Ride height refers to setting the suspension of your snowmobile for the load you wish to carry. If a sled's ride height is set incorrectly, it can make your sled harder to handle. Most adjustments you make to your sled's suspension are geared toward setting its ride height. Shock clicker adjustments are geared toward changes in trail conditions or personal feel. Setting the ride height will establish a baseline and allow you to effectively make further adjustments if necessary.