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Gloves & Mitts

When you're on the trail, your extremities will often be the first indication of poor quality gear. Not having the right gloves or mitts on your hands can end rides too quickly, leaving you disappointed or frustrated. Ski-doo is proud to offer an array of gloves and mitts that meet the specifications for your backcountry excursions. Find the glove that's right for you, and keep yourself on the trail in comfort.

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  1. X-Team Leather Gloves X-Team Leather Gloves

    X-Team Leather Gloves

    Starting from $114.99 USD
  2. Grip Gloves Grip Gloves

    Grip Gloves

    Starting from $74.99 USD
  3. Absolute 0 Gloves

    Absolute 0 Gloves

    Starting from $114.99 USD
  4. Sno-X Gloves Sno-X Gloves

    Sno-X Gloves

    Starting from $64.99 USD
  5. X-Team Nylon Gloves X-Team Nylon Gloves

    X-Team Nylon Gloves

    Starting from $84.99 USD
  6. Absolute 0 Mitts

    Absolute 0 Mitts

    Starting from $109.99 USD
  7. Holeshot Gloves

    Holeshot Gloves

    Starting from $64.99 USD
  8. X-Team Crew Gloves

    X-Team Crew Gloves

    Starting from $49.99 USD
  9. Mountain Gloves

    Mountain Gloves

    Starting from $59.99 USD
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When should I wear snowmobile mitts?

All the time! We're only (slightly) kidding. Mitts are an essential accessory that should be worn every time you head out on your rig. Ski-Doo's men's snowmobile mitts are heavily insulated and keep your fingers grouped together to increase heat retention and distribution. Mitts are typically equipped with grip reinforcement, giving you control and dexterity with added warmth. Ski-Doo snowmobile mitts will keep you dry and protected from harsh winter conditions. They offer unparalleled protection and durability, as they're crafted with cutting edge materials to offer you the best protection possible in the most extreme environmental conditions.