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Women's Snowmobile Socks

Add an extra layer of protection and warmth for your feet. Ski-Doo women's snowmobile socks offer you a durable, comfortable sock that pairs easily with your other gear. Keeping your feet dry, warm, and comfortable will help you push you and your Ski-Doo to new heights on the trail and through the powder.

What makes your snowmobiling socks so unique?

We bet you're just like us. You eat, sleep and breathe snowmobiling. You'd spend the whole winter slamming your sled up and down the snowy trails if they'd let you. But there's no way you'll do that if you're relying on that raggedy pair of white cotton tube socks to keep your toes toasty. They won't cut it. You're going to want a pair of superior performance, thermal socks designed for comfort and warmth. Ski-Doo's snowmobile socks are designed to keep skin dry, with fibers that trap warm air in and slow the dispersion of warm air. With reinforced toe and heel, and added protection above the boot line, they'll give you peace of mind to attack the fresh load of powder Old Man Winter sent your way.