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Women's snowmobile Bibs & Pants

If you want to have fun in the backcountry or on the trail, staying dry is a must. Ski-Doo's women's snowmobile pants and bibs make sure you stay dry, warm, and comfortable while on your rig. Offering unparalleled protection from the elements, our line of pants and bibs are made for all weather and extreme weather winter conditions.

What are the most important factors in picking the right snowmobile pants?

For snowmobiling, you're going to hear the same three cornerstones of your riding gear: warmth, protection and comfort. Your gear needs to keep you warm so you can skim the powder for as long as you want. Cold is not only uncomfortable, but it can make normal situations dangerous due to increasing fatigue. This goes hand in hand with protection, as your pants or bibs need to keep you dry. Finally, your gear should be comfortable, which lets you push your sled to new areas or trails. Ski-Doo is proud to help get you there.