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Equip your sled and yourself for new adventures

Take the ride further


Meet every challenge

Explore more when you out fit yourself and your sled with the right gear and accessories to take every ride a little deeper. Ski-Doo Crossover bundles give you the added adjustability and protection you need to meet every challenge along the way.

Crossover Starter Bundle

Need a hand getting dialed for winter?

All the essentials you'll need for to take your Ski-Doo Backcountry adventures to the next level. The Deep Snow Starter bundle combine our most popular accessories and gear into one convenient bundle.

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Family Fun Zone

Bring fun on the water to a new level for the whole family when you add all the essentials for tubing adventures in one awesome accessory bundle. Complete with tube, tow rope, shock tube and LinQ Box to easily stow it all.