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Most riders today don't carry paper maps. We've come to rely heavily on technology. Having the proper snowmobile GPS device can be the difference between having a great time on the snow, and taking a wrong turn and getting lost. Add a snowmobile radio and you'll be able to communicate with your pals and call for help if needed. Equip your rig with these essential electronics and make sure you never get lost again.

Can these snowmobile GPS devices do more than just tell me which trail to follow?

Of course, most of us rely on these smart and essential devices to help us figure out if we need to turn left or right, or if we've already gone past that hill we were heading for and need to turn back. But did you know that some snowmobile GPS devices also include a camera? You can snap pictures of that beautiful deer family that crossed your path, geotag it, and show it off to your friends on your device's stunning high-quality screen when you meet up at the end of your ride.