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Universal Pre-Mixed Coolant

$8.99 USD
Coolant is critical to sustaining heat balance for your vehicle’s engine. Our universal extended-life pre-mixed coolant is designed to provide the best protection for your engine. Read the full description

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Providing protection from freezing or overheating, our Universal Pre-Mixed Coolant is easy to use as it contains the correct dilution and necessary additives your engine needs. Not only does coolant provide heat balance for your engine, but it’s also designed to prevent corrosion and rust and to inhibit cavitation in powershot cooling systems. This XPS Universal Pre-Mixed Coolant is the product to use for vehicles that normally use a 2-year antifreeze/coolant (green).

Features & Specs

More Information
Features DescriptionAntifreeze/Coolant contains the correct dilution and the necessary additives to prevent corrosion and inhibit cavitation in powersport cooling systems. | For vehicles that normally use a 2-year antifreeze/coolant (green). | 1 QT / 0.946 L
Liquid typeCoolant