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We've got our younger riders covered with our selection of snowmobile gear for teens. We've made sure we have an array of teen snowmobile gear designed specifically for teenagers. Check out our jackets, bibs, gloves, hats, and jerseys made specifically for our younger riders to make sure they find gear that's right for them.

We can't find products matching the selection.

I'd like to know more about the Ski-Doo brand.

Born in Valcourt, Quebec, Joseph Armand Bombardier sold his first snowmobile model - the B7 - in 1937. Originally designed for accessing remote areas in the winter, Bombardier's invention, now know worldwide as the Ski-Doo, has become an integral part of winter recreation and outdoor adventure in many countries across the globe. Ski-Doo is a brand known for its reliability, durability, and quality. Celebrate the Ski-Doo heritage with our selection of snowmobile gear for teens, all featuring the beloved Ski-Doo brand.