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Women's Snowmobile Headwear

Look stylish and keep warm with our selection of snowmobile beanies and caps. Our Ski-Doo branded beanies and caps will have you show your colours on the trail and at the lodge. Relax and lounge in one of our many styles and fits. Our beanies do double duty to keep your head toasty and comfortable in cold and harsh conditions.

Whenever I ride, the biting cold wind makes my ears and head cold. Is there a way to add protection under my snowmobile helmet?

Yes there is! And you've found it. Ski-Doo's compact women's snowmobile beanie is a thin hat you can easily wear under most snowmobile helmets for added protection against the cold. Both light and stretchable, Ski-Doo snowmobile beanies will keep you warm and toasty for all your rides throughout the entire snowmobile season, even when the temperatures dip to polar-like levels. Best of all, you won't need to sacrifice comfort or style, because our women's snowmobile beanies are beautiful.