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Men's Snowmobile Gloves

Yes, there is a way to protect yourself from extreme conditions without giving up comfort and dexterity. Ski-Doo offers a collection of men's snowmobile gloves to meet your sledding needs. Whether it's mountain riding or backcountry rides on hero snow, we are pleased to offer you best-in-class protection and warmth that are up to the task of keeping you warm and agile out on the trails.

What should I look for in snowmobile gloves?

When buying a snowmobile glove, the two main features you should always consider are the outer shell and the inner lining. Your outer layer should, at a minimum, offer water resistance. Ideally, you want to have a waterproof outer shell to stand up to snow, wet snow, or even rainy conditions. Inner linings should provide you with adequate warmth without taking away comfort. You should still have a firm grip on the controls of your snowmobile. Ski-Doo is proud to offer all of these criteria in our selection of men's snowmobile gloves.