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Snowmobile Ice scratchers

Keep your snowmobile's engine cool at all times by installing a set of Ski-Doo's high-performance ice scratchers. Ideal for low snow conditions, these snowmobile accessories are a must to keep your sled running at peak condition and avoid those frustrating stalls that can quickly ruin your ride. Their efficient design features replaceable carbide tips

What are ice scratchers used for?

Well, the name pretty much says it all. These parts are installed to scratch that hard packed snow that comes from too many riders grooving the same path. That creates powder where there is none. The powder gets thrown up to the heat exchanger and melted, dissipating the heat in the engine compartment. If you don't keep your engine cooled down, it can blow up. It goes without saying how expensive it could get if you don't keep your snowmobile engine cool.