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Adjustable Risers & Extension Kits

Quickly and easily adjust the height and angle of your handlebars thanks to Ski-Doo's superior snowmobile risers. Instantly modify your handlebar height to adapt to changing riding conditions. Utilize the lower position for trail or sit down riding, or extend to maximum height in seconds for stand up riding. No tools required to make the adjustment, just flip the lever. See details for model compatibility.

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I'm getting neck and shoulder pain when I ride, especially on longer trips. Why? These symptoms are often associated with your riding posture. Though we strive to make our Ski-Doo snowmobiles as comfortable as possible for all riders, you may need to adjust the height of your handlebars to better suit your riding style. We suggest you try the adjustable risers that are compatible with your model. These riders don't require a tool to be adjusted, so you can adjust them on the go and find the perfect position and say goodbye to aches and pains!